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Matt Salis
7 min readFeb 24, 2021

“How Aliens Confirmed Earth is Devoid of Intelligent Lifeforms”

Think about it for a minute — pretend you know nothing about the role alcohol plays in our culture, or in your personal life. With a completely open mind, read my fair and honest explanation of alcohol as I would describe it to an extraterrestrial being:

Alcohol is something we ingest to aid in celebration, confidence, mourning, stress-relief, pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment of life. It works by taking our optimally functioning brains that are at or near a state of equilibrium, and inhibiting our neurological function. It makes us laugh at things that aren’t really funny, spend time with people who don’t really care about us, have intimate contact with strangers, make decisions we later regret, operate motor vehicles when we are not qualified to do so, and say things that are embarrassing to ourselves and others. It also is scientifically proven to increase depression and anxiety, and it is a leading cause of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, divorce, suicide, many other diseases, and countless forms of accidental death. Drinking is something we call, “fun,” and we do it regularly and willingly.

And that, my friends, is a completely plausible reason we think we are alone in the universe. Maybe the aliens want nothing to do with us. Could you blame them? We have taken a poison that is objectively destructive to ourselves, our families and our society, and we have developed a culturally endorsed obsession for it.

Alcohol is bad for us. Period. I didn’t say alcoholism is bad for us. I didn’t say alcohol abuse is bad for us. As they say, we can’t beat it if we can’t name it. We are content to “other” the alcoholics, and judge alcohol innocent of all charges. We can never hope to solve alcoholism — with its over 15 million American sufferers (more than suffer from cancer) and over 3 million annual alcohol-related deaths (more than COVID-19) — until we turn our fixation away from recovery and toward prevention. Until we admit the truth about alcohol, we are just playing Russian roulette as we develop our glorified drinking routines. Will we or will we not contract alcoholism? Are we one of us, or are we one of them? In a…

Matt Salis

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